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Aero Clock

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    Incredible 3D puzzle Ugears Aero Clock. Review.

    Ugears Aero Clock is a unique 3D constructor that allows you to create a fully functional wall clock. The constructor is made of high quality eco-friendly material - wood. This set has an original design and easy assembly, which makes it an ideal gift for fans of 3D modeling, as well as people who appreciate unusual things.

    A bit of history.

    At the end of the XV century, mechanic and inventor Jakob Fabritzius created the first wall clock, which was installed in the town hall in Frankfurt am Main. These clocks were quite large and had great accuracy, thanks to the use of a balanced pendulum.

    In the 16th century, watchmakers began to create pocket watches that were more comfortable to wear. They were mostly made of metal, and their accuracy depended on how well the spring was balanced.

    In the nineteenth century, clocks were further improved by the use of electricity. The first electric clocks were created in 1840 in the United States. They were used to accurately measure time at railroad stations and were quite large.

    Today, wall clocks are not only devices for measuring, but also a decorative object, and in our case even a toy.

    Model features.

    The Aero Clock is not only a beautiful but also a functional mechanical 3D puzzle. It allows you to create a mechanism that will show the exact time. The clock has a mechanism with automatic winding, as well as a pendulum mechanism for adjusting the rate of winding.

    Elements of the constructor.

    The box holds 320 pieces. All elements of the construction set are made of high-quality and ecologically pure wood with perfect laser cutting, which does not require additional processing.

    The wall clock is made in the style of steampunk and supplemented with various details, such as:

    • gears;

    • levers;

    • springs;

    • balloon;

    • rope;

    • counterweight;

    • sandbag, which creates additional effect in a retro style.


    Assembling the Ugears Aero Clock is easy enough and can be done without any special skills, glue or tools. At the same time, an entertaining and fascinating assembly will require at least 11 hours from you. An advanced level of difficulty can be made up for with the detailed illustrated instructions in 11 languages that come with it. It will help you understand how to assemble all the parts correctly and create a complex mechanism.


    Let's look at a few important aspects of operation. Once you have successfully assembled your Ugears Aero Clock, you can begin to enjoy its operation. In order for them to work properly, it is important to set them up properly. The setting is done with special gears that are located on the back of the clock. Every hour, the counterweight will lower, signaling the expiration of 60 minutes. All that remains is to set the local time and enjoy the movement. 

    Who is it suitable for?

    The constructor is suitable for both children and adults. For children, it is not only a fun way to spend free time, but also an opportunity to develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and creative imagination.

    For adults, the 3D puzzle Ugears Aero Clock can be a unique element of decor in the office or home. This beautiful mechanical clock mechanism will attract the attention of guests and become an unusual accent in the interior. In addition, the assembly of this constructor can be an interesting and relaxing activity for those who want to distract from the daily grind and plunge into the creative process.

    WoodLogic online store guarantees free shipping in Slovakia for orders totaling more than 30 euros.


    Brand Ugears
    Сollection Watch
    Level Advanced
    Assembly time 7.5 - 12
    Number of components 320
    Model Size 75x47x16.5 cm
    Package Size 37.8x17x5 cm
    Weight, kg 1,365
    PDF instruction
    Celkovo sa ukázalo, že sú to skvelé hodinky. Trochu som sa zasekla v kroku kladenia linky a čipky. Možno som to len ja, alebo návod je tento) Obchod odporúčam.
    Ako dlho vydrží na jedno nabitie?
    Vedúci predajne
    Dobrý deň, Denis!
    Aero hodiny pracujú až 30 hodín, po ktorých je potrebné ho znova nabiť.
    Vynikajúci model. Inštrukcia na zapojenie káblov, vlascov by však mohla byť zrozumiteľnejšia a pridané schémy, ako by mal mechanizmus prejsť
    Vedúci predajne
    Dobrý deň Štefan.
    Ďakujeme za recenziu.
    Pošlite e-mail [email protected] a inžiniersky tím Ugears vám pomôže.

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