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    Amazing Mechanism - Ugears Archballista-Tower. Review.

    The new Ugears Archballista-Tower set is a functional 3D mechanical puzzle and a unique interior element that will attract the attention of everyone who visits your home. The constructor will allow you to feel like a real engineer, creating your own mechanical crossbow. Each detail is amazingly detailed and recreates the authentic medieval look of the artillery weapon.

    The key features of the Ugears Tower-Archballista are:

    1. Mechanical gear: this builder is truly mechanical, and you won't need any batteries or wires to make it work. The Archballista-Tower is powered by a mechanical gear, which gives it a unique look and functionality;

    2. Quality craftsmanship: Every detail of the 3D puzzle is carefully crafted to fit the design and provide maximum functionality;

    3. Unique design: the Archballista-Tower has a unique design that recreates an authentic medieval look, making it a functional and decorative piece of interior design.


    The Ugears Archballista-Tower constructor includes 292 parts made of eco-friendly plywood. All parts are laser-cut for precise and crisp contours. The package also includes a wooden stand for easy assembly and demonstration of the finished model, as well as instructions in 11 languages with a step-by-step description of the assembly process.

    Among the main elements of the constructor are:

    • tower base;

    • vertical and horizontal walls;

    • the coil and linkage of the turret turning mechanism;

    • mechanism for tensioning the bowstring of the crossbow;

    • wooden gears and sprockets;

    • crossbow arms;

    • balcony railings and tower landings.


    Before you start assembling, make sure that all elements of the construction set are available and read the instructions. It will take about 6 hours to assemble the Archballista-Tower, depending on your experience in assembling mechanical constructors.

    The tower must be assembled in stages, beginning with the first floor and ending with the last floor. Each floor has mechanisms which you can start only after you have assembled all the parts of the floor.

    It is important to make sure that the parts are connected correctly and that you do not miss a single one. At the end of the assembly, when the construction is ready, check all the mechanisms for proper operation. If they all work correctly, then you have successfully coped with the task.

    Please note that while assembling you should not use force, so as not to damage the mechanisms. It is also important not to mix up the parts of the different floors and not to skip the steps in the instructions.


    Once you have handled the construction, you can enjoy the beautiful look of the skilled mechanics and functionality of this amazing device. All mechanisms and parts have been carefully thought out to ensure that the crossbow and turret work efficiently.

    To use the crossbow, you must pull the rubber rope, then raise and turn the top of the turret to point the crossbow at the target. You can then pull the trigger to release the arrow and hit the target. Crossbow arrows are included, and you can easily order additional ones if needed.

    The design can also be used as a stylish and unique piece of decor for your home or office. You can place it on a shelf or table to admire its medieval beauty.


    Ugears Archballista-Tower is a stunning 3D mechanical constructor that piques the interest of children and adults alike. Enjoy the assembly and operation of the mechanism, and use the crossbow and tower as a unique decorative element. This model is suitable for fans of history, mechanics and puzzles, as well as for all those who are looking for a fascinating and beautiful piece for their Ugears collection.

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    Brand Ugears
    Сollection Weapon models
    Level Medium
    Assembly time 5.5 - 7
    Number of components 292
    Model Size 15.3X9.5x9.6 cm
    Package Size 37x17x2.7 cm
    Weight, kg 0,89
    PDF instruction
    Objednal som si Archbalistu-vežu ako darček a nemýlil som sa - deti sú potešené. Dlho a ticho zozbierali, potom hlasno strieľali) Ďakujeme za doručenie zdarma!
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