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UGEARS 3D puzzle Pickup Lumberjack

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  • Description
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    Off-road is not a problem - Pickup Lumberjack from Ugears. Overview.

    The Ugears Lumberjack pickup truck is an extremely interesting mechanical model based on the legendary Chevrolet 3100. This is not only a beautiful decor for any interior, but also a great option for those who want to see with their own eyes how a real engine works.

    The history of the Chevrolet 3100 truck goes back more than fifty years. This pickup truck was very popular in 1959 among farmers, construction workers, and anyone who needed powerful and reliable transportation for work. He became a legend of his time and earned undisputed fame for his reliability and power.

    3D puzzle Pickup Truck Lumberjack completely copies the original vehicle and is equipped with realistic details. It consists of 460 pieces made of high-quality natural wood, which ensures not only durability but also environmental friendliness.

    The model has a steering wheel that can be used to turn the front wheels, and the doors open to see the interior of the cab. In addition, the model is complemented by moving elements of the engine, which works with the help of a metal spring. The assembled vehicle has a decorative ignition head instead of the usual piston.

    The Ugears Pickup Lumberjack is a great option for fans of mechanical models who want to assemble an interesting and non-standard model with their own hands.

    Game opportunities.

    You can play with the Ugears Pickup Lumberjack in different ways, as it has not only a static appearance, but also moving elements. After assembling the model, you can try to move its wheels and steering wheel to feel the mechanical principle of movement. You can also open and close the hood and doors, and watch how the engine works.

    In particular, there is a spare tire on the hood, under which the internal structure and mechanisms that ensure the movement of the car are hidden. In addition, there is a gear shift option that allows you to change the speed of the model and feel how the transmission works.

    It will not be difficult to come up with game scenarios using the car. Of course, you can put it on a decorative stand along with other mechanical models from Ugears. The Pickup Lumberjack is not just a model to assemble, but a whole story that can be used for creative experiments and play.

    How to assemble the construction set?

    The 8+ hours of assembly of the Ugears Lumberjack Pickup is fun and exciting. There is no age limit, but it is advisable to give it to children aged 14 and older who like to spend their free time creatively.

    The construction set consists of 460 pieces made of high-quality natural wood and does not require any special tools for assembly. The set includes detailed instructions in 11 languages showing every step to be taken. You can also refer to the video instructions if this is not enough

    Before starting the assembly, it is important to check that all the parts are in the kit and to study the instructions to understand the sequence of steps.

    Starting with the body assembly, we add various elements to create a realistic look of the pickup truck. The engine, seats, steering wheel, and other elements such as a fuel barrel and various tools are added at the end of the assembly.

    As a result, you will get a movable mechanical model that can move thanks to the built-in mechanism. The Lumberjack pickup from Ugears impresses with its detail and reproduction of every part of the original Chevrolet 3100.

    Assembling the model is not only fun, but also an opportunity to develop creativity, fine motor skills, logical thinking and attention to detail.

    Who is the wooden 3D puzzle for?

    The construction set is suitable for modeling and construction enthusiasts, as well as those interested in cars and mechanisms. It can be interesting for both beginners and experienced modelers. The UGEARS Pickup Lumberjack construction set is a scale model of a truck that you can assemble with your own hands.

    It is interesting for both children and adults. It can be used both for individual assembly and for working together with friends or family. Take advantage of the easy ordering process in the WoodLogic online store and get guaranteed free delivery in Slovakia for orders from 30 euros.

    Сollection Cars
    Level Medium
    Assembly time 7.5 - 12
    Brand Ugears
    Number of components 460
    Model Size 31,6x13,8x11,8 cm
    Package Size 37,8x17x3,4 cm
    Weight, kg 0,96
    PDF instruction
    Neskutočne super model, veľmi sa mi páčil postup montáže aj výsledok, celkovo som to montoval asi 9 hodín, veľa zaujímavých mechanizmov, s výsledkom som spokojný, stroj jazdí dopredu aj dozadu, prejde cca 3m, ak spustíte pružinu na 15 otáčkach, fungujú všetky pohyblivé prvky, hlavná vec pri montáži je postupovať podľa návodu, vyleštiť všetky potrebné prvky a namazať voskom.
    Skvelý model! Zostavenie pickupu bolo pomerne nekomplikovaná, a to z veľkej časti vďaka absencie špáradiel. Bol som prekvapený, aká flexibilná môže byť preglejka, najmä pri inštalácii podbehov zadných kolies.
    Obrovské plus pre plnohodnotný diferenciál so satelitmi.
    Prajem vám ďalší rozvoj! Budem veľmi rád, keď uvidím ďalší rozvoj radu dizajnérov automobilov 1950-1970.
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