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Mechanical 3D puzzles - 3D-Fidgets series

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Relax, collect wooden mini construction sets - fidgets from UGEARS.

Create your own Christmas tree decoration, key chain, stylish pendant for your wallet or bag - just with fidgets from UGEARS. Our engineers have created a whole collection of original wooden mini-constructors that are fun to look at and build.

The process of assembling 3D fidgets is fun for the whole family, including the youngest members. This activity simultaneously concentrates attention and relaxes the brain, distracting from the daily hustle and bustle. And after you collect these little figurines, they will become an original decoration for your home. In addition, these mini 3D puzzles are an original gift for relatives, friends and colleagues.

The UGEARS collection has seven themed 3D fidget sets, each consisting of four figures, these are 8-19 pieces, depending on the model:

  1. Christmas magic - Christmas tree, decoration ball, boot, watch;
  2. Christmas - bell, snowflake, month, snowman;
  3. Ground transport - sports car, tractor, truck, tram;
  4. Ships - sailing yacht, sailboat, boat, submarine;
  5. Aircraft - helicopter, airship, hydroplane, airplane;
  6. Tribiki - tractor, cat, head, heart;
  7. Creativity - movie camera, guitar, book, parthenon.

These small mechanical mini-sets of mechanical puzzles can be assembled in an average of one hour each.

Also in this collection are presented more advanced mechanical models made of wood that are able to move: for example, the "Herringbone" rotates around its axis. When creating it, the designers were inspired by the model of the Scythian deer, so the Christmas tree turned out to be stylish and sophisticated.

Another original designer - "Steering wheel-organizer" will serve you as a convenient stand for pens and pencils. Turn the steering wheel - start the mechanism, it moves and delivers you the pen or pencil you need.

But the mechanical model "Spherocube" is not just an interesting constructor, but a real intellectual anti-stress puzzle. The model consists of eight wooden spheres connected by hinges that allow the spheres to roll relative to each other and form various geometric shapes. Don't miss the opportunity to train your brain.

All wooden mini construction sets are made of high quality wood tested in European laboratories. The details are laser-cut into plywood, from where they can be easily removed. Models are assembled without glue or additional tools. Also included is a step-by-step illustrated instruction in 11 languages.

You can get all the necessary information, as well as buy constructors on the website woodlogic.sk. Visit our website and collect your own collection of mini wood construction sets from UGEARS!

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