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Collection of ships 3D mechanical designers from UGEARS

Marine-themed wooden construction sets from Ugears take into account the features of real ships and sailboats, and therefore the models will become a wonderful illustration of the structure and equipment of ships. Building models is an interesting and exciting hobby for adults and children.

You have the opportunity to assemble a 3D model of the wooden ships "Trimaran Merihobus" and "Tug" with your own hands and not only enjoy the process of assembling these exclusive constructors, but also understand how the mechanisms work. Each 3D puzzle, developed by UGEARS engineers, is thought out to the smallest detail and completely repeats the prototype from real life.

These models will become not only interesting entertainment for you and your loved ones, but also a stylish addition to any interior and an original gift.

Prefabricated ship models made of wood:

  • Natural: Ugears construction sets are made of high quality plywood board, which has been tested in European laboratories and is also used in the production of children's furniture.
  • Mechanical: they move without batteries and accumulators, only thanks to a system of gears, rods, a rubber motor and the laws of mechanics.
  • Easy to assemble: the parts are already cut out - they only need to be squeezed out of the board. Connect without glue and additional tools, as everything you need is in the kit, including step-by-step color instructions.
  • Interesting to watch: thanks to the open style design, the movement of the mechanisms can be seen between the body parts.

Mechanical puzzle Trimaran Merihobus

"Trimaran" is a bench model of a sailboat made of wood. The design takes into account many details and elements typical of a real yacht, including a winch for lifting an anchor, a mechanism for launching boats and rigging made of a strong but thin white thread that maintains a light silhouette.

The mainsail and staysail (sails) are located on the mast of the vessel. The mainsail is lowered and raised, and the staysail is twisted and untwisted on the forestay. Thanks to the hydrofoils on the side floats, the "Trimaran" has received additional stability and looks slightly raised, ready for an exciting journey.

"Merihobus" got its name from one of the species of seahorses. Its miniature image adorns the prow of your wooden model of a sophisticated sailing ship.

Mechanical 3D puzzle Tugboat

A feature of the "Tugboat" model from UGEARS is an imitation of rocking on the waves. Engineers have achieved this effect thanks to the wheelset with symmetrically spaced axles.

The 3D constructor "Tugboat" can hook a small load with two standard ropes with nuts and tow it almost without loss of speed. A full winding is enough for 1.5-3 meters, depending on the surface on which the ship is moving.

The constructor has a low mast and a wide deck, typical for tugs, and moves thanks to a rubber motor.

3D models of wooden ships.

You can choose and purchase your Ugears constructor on our website. Models are designed for adults and children from 14 years old - anyone who wants to join an exciting engineering project. For younger children, we have created a collection of wooden coloring sets, which are available in a separate section on the site.

Each set has spare parts, but if you need additional parts, please see the corresponding Help Center page on our website.

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