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Wooden mechanical car models from the Ugears team.

Wooden car designers are an idea for an engineering project at home, a time that is interesting to spend with children, put the model together and demonstrate clearly how different mechanisms work. We have taken care of the step-by-step instructions and all the necessary details, so you will definitely be able to assemble your model!

Dream cabriolet VM-05.

A journey into the 50s begins with this set. The Ugears car model kit can move in three modes: forward, reverse and neutral. The front wheels turn to set the direction of travel, and cushioning on both wheels makes for a comfortable ride. Equipped with a real V8 engine, gearbox, functional windshield wipers and power windows, jack and tool kit, building the model will be an exciting experience for adults too.

Trac VM-03 and Semitrailer for Trac VM-03.

The designer of the tractor conveys the unstoppable power of cargo ground transport. The car travels up to five meters, has three driving modes: forward, reverse and neutral, a gearbox, a 6-cylinder engine and a shock-absorbed front pair of wheels that turn to set the direction.
The semi-trailer will complement the functionality of the Truck: it will transport sweets, a bottle with a boat or become a garden on wheels for indoor plants.

Roadster VM-01.

A retro journey in an elegant wooden car model. The roadster has three driving modes, a V8 engine, a gearbox, shock-absorbed front wheels and an auto steering wheel. 3d puzzle car is driven by a rubber motor, which is started by scrolling the spare wheel. One plant provides a trip up to 4 meters.

Sports car U-9.

The Ugears car, which recalls the winners of the first races in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, is a sports car that is folded by one's own hands. Mechanical constructor has three driving modes, 8-cylinder V-like engine and skeleton design. The wheels of a sports car are covered with rubber tires for a smoother ride.

UGM-11 Truck, Fire Truck and Tank Truck.

The truck constructor also has three driving modes, a 4-cylinder engine, a working gas pedal and many other interesting mechanisms. Separately, you can assemble a set of additions to the truck: a tank, a fire escape and a chassis for a trailer, or choose other wooden constructors from the Ugears truck collection - a fire truck or a tank truck, where these elements are already taken into account.

The tank with opening mechanism holds a standard 0.33 l can. And the fire escape has retractable sections, opens up to 70 cm and has a hook to lift the load, like a real crane.

Our models.

  • Natural: Ugears car kits are made of high-quality plywood board, which is tested by European laboratories and is also used in the production of children's furniture. No glue needed for assembly.
  • Mechanical: the moving parts of the building sets do not require batteries or accumulators. Models move thanks to a rubber motor, a system of gears, wheels, rods, gravity and the laws of mechanics.
  • Easy to assemble: the kit comes with illustrated instructions in 11 languages, and all the parts are already laser cut - just take them out of the board.
  • It is interesting to observe: in order to clearly see the operation of the mechanisms, we have developed an open type design. See motors and gears in motion!
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