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Wolf-01 Handgun
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Train with precision models of Weapon, capture castles, feel the spirit of chivalry with 3D wooden puzzle!

Since ancient times, people have used stone, wood and iron devices for hunting and protection from predators. Spears, arrows, ballistas, siege engines... over time, the types of launchers improved.

We invite you to use weapons for peaceful purposes - in fun games and contests. Especially for this, UGEARS engineers, who create wooden 3D construction sets for adults, have developed a collection of launchers, consisting of a medieval "Arkbalista Tower" and a "Wolf-01" mechanical pistol, which we shoot with ordinary rubber bands.

You can hold a 3D puzzle assembly competition or a competition for the best mechanics expert who can explain the principles of how wooden launchers and siege machines work. And, of course, the accuracy championship, because it is for this purpose that mechanical models of starters were created.

With the open-type design that is common to all UGEARS wooden mechanical building sets, you can see and explore how the parts of the mechanism move.

Let's take a closer look at how the "Arkbalist Tower" works, when creating which UGEARS engineers were inspired by the best examples of ancient artillery devices, in particular siege engines, created to destroy fortified defensive structures. This wooden model is a variation of a classic fighting vehicle that will make you feel like a great conqueror and hero of the past.

In the set you will find a mechanical tower and the actual siege machine - the arcbalist. The base of the arcbalist makes the weapon resistant, and the mechanism allows you to install four wooden projectiles at the same time so that you can shoot several times in a row. Arkbalista can be removed from the base and installed on the roof of the tower, from where she will defend. The tower itself, like a traditional castle tower, is wrapped in ivy and decorated with original ornaments and a coat of arms with a heraldic griffin/dragon.

Another unique model from UGEARS is the "Wolf-01 Pistol". The mechanical five-shot pistol shoots 60x1.5 mm rubber bands with an effective range of up to 10 meters.

There is a secret compartment in the pistol grip where you can hide additional rubber bands - “cartridges”. The model is equipped with a special quick-release mount for a flashlight, as well as a fuse that will save you from wasting "cartridges" and aimless shooting.

Features of the 3D wooden constructor for the "Starters" series:

  • The sets are stylish and cool, eco-friendly and safe.
  • All mechanical 3D construction sets from UGEARS are made of high quality wood in Ukraine.
  • In the kit you will find plywood sheets, in which the parts necessary for assembling models are cut out with a precise laser method. All parts are easily removed and connected to each other without glue and without the use of any other additional tools.
  • Also included is a step-by-step illustrated instruction in 11 languages ​​that will help you assemble the model without unnecessary difficulties.
  • Puzzles for adults from UGEARS are not only fun entertainment, but also an original stylish gift for relatives, friends and colleagues.

You can get all the necessary information and buy constructors on the website woodlogic.sk.

Welcome! Choose 3D launcher puzzles from UGEARS and prepare ammo for unforgettable fun!

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