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Mechanical constructor, wooden puzzle and musical instrument in one set.

The melody of movement and the beauty of musical instruments are combined in the Ugears wooden hurdy-gurdy model, the world's first modular model and at the same time a complete musical instrument. The name Hardy Hardy is one of the names of the hurdy gurdy, which has noble roots and a simple, cheerful nature. Created to play at receptions and ceremonies, Hardy-Hardy soon accompanied the unstoppable dancers on the streets of Paris, playing her songs in the hands of young female artists.

Hardy-Hurdy - Ukrainian Wheel Lyre.

The instrument creates sound by touching the strings with a wheel, which is set in motion by a crank-case. One of the two strings produces the same sound, creating the background for the melody, but the note of the other is controlled by the keys. The panel has 6 keys with springs, which provide elasticity and comfortable playing. The length of the Hardy-Hardy strings is 250 mm from the bridge to the nut, and the distance from the bridge to the center of the wheel is 30 mm.

Like any musical instrument, the hurdy gurdy needs to be tuned to perform well. To do this, we recorded and posted a video instruction on our YouTube channel. And the assembly instructions for this set also include tablature for beginner musicians.

Made of wood, the Ugears 3D wooden puzzle will become both a guarantee of a rich evening and an option for an extraordinary eco-friendly gift. In addition, these kits spark interest in modeling and mechanics, because both the construction and use of models are well thought out, and therefore convenient and enjoyable.

Our models:

  • Natural: Ugears construction sets are made of high quality plywood board, which is tested by European laboratories and is also used in the production of children's furniture.
  • Mechanical: Each model has a mechanical function thanks to the rubber motor, gear system, wheels, traction and gravity that replace batteries or accumulators with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Movement is the hallmark of the Ugears model. We create a functional design and carefully bring each model to a working state.
  • Assembly without glue: Ugears models are assembled without the use of glue. This allows you to assemble the model and take it apart to replace parts. We also took care of the step-by-step instructions, which are translated into 11 languages. The parts themselves are ready for use - they only need to be pulled out of the board. This is a unique feeling, after assembly, the mechanical miracle comes to life in your hands and becomes the author's work of art.
  • You can get all the necessary information and buy constructors on the website woodlogic.sk
  • Interesting to watch: the movement of internal mechanisms is clearly visible between the parts of the case thanks to the open type (skeleton-style) design that is used in all Ugears models.
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