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UGEARS 3D puzzle Aero Clock
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UGEARS 3D puzzle Steampunk Clock
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UGEARS 3D puzzle Date Navigator
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UGEARS 3D puzzle Timer + add review
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Assemble a unique clock from a wooden constructor.

The design of Ugears wooden constructors with beautiful gears is very suitable for clockwork 3d puzzles. We added moving mechanical elements to them. For example, the Timer can count the time, and the mechanical calendar Date Navigator can count the year, date and day of the week. The Ugears steampunk watch is a symbol of an era of entrepreneurship, inventions and scientific and technological progress. All puzzles look great on the desktop and in the home interior.

Our models:

  • Natural: Ugears construction sets are made of high quality plywood board, tested in European laboratories, and also used in the production of children's furniture.
  • Mechanical: The movement and function of the models are provided by internal mechanisms that do not require batteries or accumulators.
  • Easy to assemble: color-coded instructions in 11 languages ​​will help you to correctly connect the parts, which are ready for use - you just need to pull them out of the board.
  • It is interesting to observe: the open type design, characteristic of Ugears mechanical puzzles made of wood, allows you to see the work of the gears and the entire mechanism inside the already assembled model.

Steampunk clock

Fine openwork carving covers the details of the model with stylized floral ornaments and images of celestial bodies - the sun, stars and others, and the hands on the dial turn independently, each at its own speed. This wooden movement watch is easy to assemble, so it's a great introduction to Ugears building sets.

Stopwatch timer

Functional 3d model of a clock mechanism, a chronometer that can be set to the desired time from 1 to 20 minutes, the completion of the interval is marked by a noticeable sound. The timer has an unusual roller pendulum and a mechanism for adjusting the oscillation amplitude on the back side.

Date navigator

Steampunk model of a wooden mechanical calendar. It indicates the year, month, day and day of the week on which the date falls. It is intended for use in the years 2017-2044 and shows what day of the week each day of the month and year you have chosen falls on.

Watch mechanisms from Ugears are not only models with a beautiful steampunk design, but also working mechanisms that can be used in STEM education, in family projects, and which are interesting to build by yourself or with friends. Buyers WoodLogic say that Ugears constructors are original gifts for adults.

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